Medical Malpractice

Therapy Gone Terribly Wrong, or did it?

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Crossing the Line: Medical Malpractice

Dr. Adhia discusses a forensic case involving a patient and his treater.  Dr. Adhia has altered certain facts to maintain confidentiality. The legal issues in question are, however, consistent with the case.

By Sanjay Adhia, M.D.

Was a Patient Sexually Exploited by His Treat?

A man with a psychiatric disorder was admitted to a private psychiatric hospital. He alleged his treater exploited him sexually and introduced him to addictive substances. The man had a successful professional career and he alleged the impact on his work and family was destructive. He is now on psychiatric disability.
I evaluated the Plaintiff at the request of his counsel. I considered complex records, given the circumstances under which he was admitted to the hospital and later outcomes before issuing my conclusions.