Dr. Adhia discusses recent cases. He describes his role as a forensic psychiatrist and elements which may have a broader med-legal implication. Details are altered to preserve confidentiality. Visit the following pages to the applicable case study.


Medical Malpractice Claim: A Patient Sexually Exploited by His Treating Therapist

A man with a psychiatric disorder was admitted to a private psychiatric hospital. He alleged his treater exploited him sexually and by introducing him to addictive substances. Impact on his work and family was destructive and he is now…

Delirium and Competency to Stand Trial

he toxic effects of a man’s failing liver.  “Mr. F was severely inebriated with ammonia”

Mr. F, a retired law enforcement officer with liver failure, was experiencing chronic delirium requiring a Competency to Stand Trial evaluation, which I conducted…Delirium is a serious disturbance in mental abilities that results in confused thinking and reduced awareness of the environment…

Rape Footage Posted on YouTube: Is the Assailant Competent to Stand Trial?

I performed an Independent Medical Exam on a 20-year-old male charged with Using Child in Display of Sexually Explicit Conduct, Rape, Sodomy and other additional charges. He and three other adults allegedly had sex with two minor women and posted a video of the acts on Social Media. The man’s brain injury as a young child was a factor in his claim he was not competent.

Kidnapping and Human Trafficking

Women are the primary targets of kidnapping for the purpose of human trafficking. Rape, isolation from support, fear of death, loss of freedom not surprisingly can trigger Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and associated anxiety and depression disorders, including severe and chronic conditions…