Cases in Brief

Dr. Adhia discusses recent cases. He describes his role as a forensic psychiatrist and elements which may have a broader med-legal implication. Details are altered to preserve confidentiality.


  • Medical Malpractice Claim: A Patient Sexually Exploited by His Treating Therapist
  • Delirium and Competency to Stand Trial
  • Rape Footage Posted on You Tube: Head Injury & Competency to Stand Trial
  • Kidnapping and Human Trafficking: PTSD, Anxiety & Depression
  • Civil Rights, PTSD Made Worse
  • Motor Vehicle Accident and Educational Disability
  • Hospital and Medical Standard of Care, Wrongful Death
  • Homicide to Put Ill Mother “out of her misery”
  • Defense Base Act, PSTD and Ability to Perform her Job
  • Criminal Responsibility

Medical Malpractice

Therapist sexually exploits patient. A man with a psychiatric disorder was admitted to a private psychiatric hospital. He alleged his treater exploited him sexually and by introducing him to addictive substances. Impact on his work and family was destructive and he is now…

Double the Dose: Standard of Care case, medication (mis) management leads to wrongful death claim…

Delirium and Competency to Stand Trial

The toxic effects of a man’s failing liver.  “Mr. F was severely inebriated with ammonia.”

Mr. F, a retired law enforcement officer with liver failure, was experiencing chronic delirium requiring a Competency to Stand Trial evaluation, which I conducted…Delirium is a serious disturbance in mental abilities that results in confused thinking and reduced awareness of the environment…

Rape Footage Posted on YouTube: Is the Assailant Competent to Stand Trial?

I performed an Independent Medical Exam on a 20-year-old male charged with Using Child in Display of Sexually Explicit Conduct, Rape, Sodomy and other additional charges. He and three other adults allegedly had sex with two minor women and posted a video of the acts on Social Media. The man’s brain injury as a young child was a factor in his claim he was not competent.

Civil Rights: Claim Improper Arrest worsened PTSD

Plaintiff sues law enforcement for improper arrest, claiming it worsened claimant’s PTSD and alleges civil rights violations. I performed an IME, produced a report and was deposed.  

Personal Injury: Claim MVA caused Learning Problems

Plaintiff involved in a car accident. Plaintiff suffered a concussion and alleged the concussion caused her to have difficulty in college.

A neuropsychologist, opined the car accident caused neurocognitive deficit. Through careful review of records, I found the plaintiff’s expert did not consider an ADHD diagnosis and another neuropsychology report preceding the accident. I performed an IME and completed a report.

Standard of Care – Claim Hospital and Medical Staff Decisions Resulted in Wrongful Death

This wrongful death case involved an elderly woman who was hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital. She fell and sustained injury. She went to an ER and was medically cleared and sent back to the hospital. Several days later, she fell and sustained intracranial bleeding. Ultimately, she passed away. I opined there were numerous deviations of the standard of care. I produced a report and was deposed.

Suicide by Execution: Criminal Responsibility in Matricide Case

Defendant accused of murder. He and his elderly mother were depressed. His mother  had cancer and asked the defendant to kill her. He started hearing voices and became suicidal. He thought he could end both of their misery. He killed her and turned himself to the police in the hope he would be executed. I performed an IME and opined about Criminal Responsibility. Ultimately he accepted a plea deal.

Kidnapping and Human Trafficking

Women are the primary targets of kidnapping for the purpose of human trafficking. Rape, isolation from support, fear of death, loss of freedom not surprisingly can trigger Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and associated anxiety and depression disorders, including severe and chronic conditions…

Defense Base Act: Return to Work, PTSD, Accommodations

A private military contractor asked me to perform an IME under the Defense Base Act. I found examinee had PTSD and opined she could return to work provided she was in a non-combat zone.