Sanjay Adhia, MD

Clinical and Forensic Psychiatrist

Expert Witness

Medico-Legal Consultant

Additional qualifications in Brain Injury Medicine, Neuropsychiatry and Psychopharmacology 

Dr. Adhia is among fewer than a dozen Forensic Psychiatrists in the U.S. who hold Board Certification in the 3 disciplines: Brain Injury Medicine (BIM,) Forensic Psychiatry and Psychiatry.

Board-Certification. Dr. Adhia is Board Certified in Forensic Psychiatry, Brain Injury Medicine and Psychiatry by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. He holds subspecialty certifications described below.

Dr. Adhia evaluates as an Expert Witness, private Forensic Consultant to attorneys, and has an active practice as a Clinical Psychiatrist.

Clinical Psychiatry, Neuropsychiatry and Patient Care. 

Brain Injuries, Stroke and Spinal Cord Injuries.  TIRR Memorial Hermann. Dr. Adhia treats patients with neuropsychiatric complications of brain injuries and stroke at renowned TIRR Memorial Hermann, a hospital and research leader.

Psychiatric Treatment.  Dr. Adhia treats psychiatric patients at Avenue 360, a Houston clinic that provides health care to underserved populations such as HIV positive, LGBQT and homeless patients.

Previously, he served as Medical Director at PACE, a private psychiatric care clinic. Prior to PACE, Dr. Adhia treated inmates in Texas corrections facilities including capital offenders in maximum security and death row inmates.

Credentials, Education and Qualifications

Specialty Credentials. Dr. Adhia is a certified Medical Review Officer (MRO) qualified to evaluate and interpret drug testing, toxicology and laboratory results. He also holds a Buprenorphine Waiver from the HHS to treat opioid addiction.

Governor Appointment. Dr. Adhia is an appointed and senate-confirmed member of the State of Texas Governor’s Advisory Committee to the Texas Board of Criminal Justice on Offenders with Medical or Mental Impairments. 

Academic.  Dr. Adhia is Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth). 

Volunteer.  Dr. Adhia volunteers with Physicians for Human Rights – Asylum Network (forensic evaluations in human trafficking cases,) and Daya Houston, a clinic treating South Asian survivors of sexual and domestic abuse.

Education. Dr. Adhia completed his Fellowship in Forensic Psychiatry at Oregon Health & Science University in 2014 (one of fewer than 30 programs in the U.S.), and residency in Psychiatry at the University of Kansas Medical Center and University of Texas Health and Sciences Center.




Head and Brain Injury - TBI

A brain injury, TBI or concussion, can produce psychiatric injuries and changes in behavior.

Medical Malpractice and Standard of Care

Medical Malpractice includes negligence, omission, failure to follow medical protocol.

Standard of Care malpractice also apply to hospitals, nursing homes, rehab, surgical centers and correctional

Trauma | Psychiatric Responses

What is PTSD? Can depression, anxiety and/or disabling fear follow an accident? Yes.

Diagnosis - Prognosis & Recovery

Assessing damages with reasonable medical certainty requires a reliable diagnosis.

Mood Disorders - Depression and Bipolar Disorders

Mood Disorders can appear after intense experiences or existing Mood Disorders can worsen.

Anxiety Disorders

Excessive worrying and fear are markers of a Social or Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

Personality Disorders

10 distinct Personality Disorders can drive behavior and many respond to mitigating treatment.

Drugs - Medication - Alcohol

Psychopharmacology addresses the effects of drugs and alcohol on mood, behavior, and thinking.


Addiction to drugs or alcohol can lead to a lawsuit or criminal charges, and impact behavior.

Suicide | Attempts and Causation

An expert in Suicidology can provide a better understanding of the risk factors for suicide.

Factors include health, environment, history and existing Mood Disorders like Depression or Bipolar Disorder. Suicidal Ideation (visualizing) is a risk factor that involves plan and intent. Causation is for triers of fact to determine.

Dementia - Neurocognitive

Dementia is a brain disease, unlike a Brain Injury. Alzheimer’s Disease is a Dementia.

Dementia can be associated with degenerative diseases, stroke, even a brain injury such as we see in athletes. Brain diseases can impact memory, behavior and brain function. Neurocognitive diseases can impact competency to perform a variety of tasks, even enter into contracts.

Intellectual Developmental Disability IDD

IDD can affect ability to reason, problem solve, plan, think abstractly, judgment, learn. 

Fitness for Duty

An FFD evaluation is important if a psychiatric condition impacts an employee’s job performance.

Occupational Psychiatric Exams | Fitness for Duty

Occupational psychiatric IMEs:

Defense Base Act, Workers’ Comp., Public Safety professions.

Psychiatric Disability

Psychiatric disability is evaluated for disability insurance coverage, or ADA compliance.

Criminal Law - Correctional Psychiatry

Competency to Stand Trial & NGRI evals by a Psychiatrist. Corrections Malpractice.



Civil Litigation




Independent Medical Examinations

Review medical and legal records

Written Reports

Expert findings and medico-legal opinion



The Future:

  • Prognosis
  • Treatment Planning
  • Restoration

Is it Possible To Be Made Whole?

Legal Consultant

  • Case assessment, psychiatric factors.
  • Decode opinions by other experts.
  • Mitigation.
  • Assist attorneys to get the most out of a deposition.


What Our Clients Say

Jesse S. White, Esq.

“My client's will contest case involved a multi-million dollar estate. Dr. Adhia was retained as an expert forensic psychiatrist. His work was exemplary, and I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone seeking a highly qualified psychiatric expert.”

Jesse S. White, Esq.
Jesse S. White, Esq. Law Offices of Jesse S. White

Shiva Gill, Esq.

“Dr. Adhia worked with me on two cases involving immigration clients with mental incapacity… the court gave significant weight to his evaluation. I look forward to working with Dr. Adhia again.”

Shiva Gill, Esq.
Ms. Gill has had the honor of arguing before the U.S. Supreme Court

Jim James, Esq.

“Even the prosecutor was impressed with the report. It was so thorough in fact that we reached an agreement that prevented the need for a trial.”

Jim James, Esq.
James & Reynolds, Attorneys at Law


Faculty Appointments / Teaching Experience

  • University of Texas Health and Science Center, Department of Psychiatry, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry (2019)
  • University of Texas Medical Branch School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry
  • University of Texas Health and Science Center, Lecturer in Forensic Psychiatry topics, Department of Psychiatry, mentor to residents in Forensic Psychiatry.

Government Service

Governor’s Advisory Committee to the Texas Board of Criminal Justice on Offenders with Medical or Mental Impairments.


Dr. Adhia teaches and mentors residents about Forensic Psychiatry.


University of Texas Health-Science Center Sanjay Adhia MD Forensic Psychiatrist

Physicians for Human Rights Asylum Network

Dr. Adhia volunteers with PHR. He conducts forensic evaluations of victims of traumatic violence, kidnapping, rape, assault and human trafficking.



Review of Medical and Legal Records


Knowledge Base

Dr. Adhia’s Experience & Expertise


Forensic IME Independent Medical Examination (IME)


Consulting to Attorneys

(Non-Disclosed expert)

Dr. Adhia Recent News

"Thread of Evidence," Dr. Adhia is Interviewed about PTSD

Thread of Evidence features Dr. Adhia with an in depth interview by Joni Johnston, PsyD about “The Psychology of Law and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.” February 2020.

Dr. Adhia joins renowned TIRR Memorial Hermann Rehabilitation and Research hospital

Dr. Adhia joins TIRR Memorial Hermann to treat patients with brain injuries, stroke, and spinal injuries as a Psychiatrist and Brain Injury Medicine physician. November 2019

Dr. Adhia partners with Avenue 360 Health & Wellness

Dr. Adhia joins Avenue 360 Health & Wellness as a clinical Psychiatrist providing addiction medicine treatment to homeless, HIV and other disenfranchised populations. 30 years of treatment by former Houston Area Community Services and Bering Omega. February 2020.

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, University of Texas

Dr. Adhia is Appointed to Faculty as Assistant Professor of Psychiatry for the University of Texas, working with students at teaching hospital, TIRR Memorial Hermann, where he is also a clinical psychiatrist.
November 2019-Current

Houston Chronicle Heidi Broussard Baby Abduction case, Interview with Dr. Adhia

The Heidi Broussard Baby Kidnapping case caught national attention. Houston Chronicle’s Hannah Dellinger interviews Dr. Adhia about the case. January 2020.


Dr. Adhia welcomes inquiry from attorneys for plaintiff, defense or other party. Call to discuss your case and psychiatric factors in claims, damages, and liability.